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My hope for my life as a choreographer…

My hope for my life as a choreographer, is to leave work behind that could only have come from me. And who I am is a culmination of that which made me.

My mother, with her sly wit and sharp intellect, has informed the sense of humor in my work. It’s a humor that certainly entertains, but isn’t to be taken too lightly.  Like when my mom quietly cracks a joke that makes you go, “Ha!”, but then, “Hmmm.”

Growing up I watched my father, with his genuine smile and warming presence, as he doled out masterful handshakes to arriving guests at the family restaurant. This experience has enhanced my choreographic ability to invite audiences in and quickly put them at ease. My work has a certain relatability because of him.

My culture, with it’s dogged determination to strive forward, (en avant!) has precipitated into my work an underground river of proud feminism, and my innate awe and respect for music has instilled in me a sacred commitment to honor the music that graces my work.

This life has indeed set me on an exhilarating quest to continuously improve my art, constantly digging deeper and reaching higher, and expanding outward and upward. With each piece create, I wish to light up another facet of the person I am and the person I’m becoming, or the world in which I’m living, while always, always honoring the roots that feed me.

stamped with...distinct humor, crisp technique, and delightfully simple content
— Oregon ArtsWatch




The Indisputable Facts

Carlyn Hudson is the co-founder of SubRosa Dance Collective and Independent Choreographer hailing from Nyack, New York. Her early dance education focused in Classical Ballet and Jazz, before studying at the Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase College, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008.

Carlyn performed as a member of the Connecticut Ballet for two years prior to relocating to Portland, Oregon in 2010, where she joined Polaris Dance Theater before jumping off to self-produce work and establish SubRosa Dance Collective in 2011.

Carlyn’s work has a witty flavor with a dash of humor noir in a creamy base of impeccable musicality. She has set work at Northwest colleges and universities, in addition to theater productions in Chicago, IL, and has been presented at Unveiled Dance Festival, Pacific Dance Makers, and Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival, among others.

Carlyn continues to teach Classical Ballet, and Pointe in both Washington and Oregon states while producing original works in contemporary dance.